Confessions of a Disorganized Mom

I really like to write and I think I’m pretty good at it.  My husband has been pushing me to write for years.

So, for 2012, my big resolution was to “start writing”.

But, like most of my previous years resolutions, it hasn’t gone so well. I’m in the second week of the year and have written an entire two paragraphs.  And those two paragraphs are lost somewhere on my computer because I’m not sure what I named the file.

My “start writing” resolution seemed like a really good idea when I made it.  But, it turns out, it’s a little vague.  What am I going to write about???  I have a government degree (which I’ve never actually used), so it seemed like a good idea to write about politics and the sorry state our country is in.  I could really stick it to those Commie Leftists and there sucky politics that are destroying our great country.  But, somehow the blank page I stared at wouldn’t cooperate with that idea.

This morning, I woke up early, determined to write.  I didn’t care what it was about, just write SOMETHING!  So, I’m quietly sneaking around the house at 4:30 in the morning, trying desperately not to wake up my dear children, determined to write. Then I hit a snag in my plan.  I could find my completely dead laptop, but not the cord. I could find paper, but no pens. I found pencils but they were all broken and I couldn’t find a sharpener.

For 45 minutes, I looked for something to write WITH!  Is that not ridiculous?  It drives me crazy. And while I’m searching, my brain keeps going to the movie “Friday”.  I’ve always laughed the hardest at the part where they talk about having Kool-aid but no sugar, peanut butter but no jelly, ham but no burger.  I laugh because it’s the story of my life and I’d rather laugh than cry.  I did finally find the laptop cord.  You know where it was?  Where it goes, in the bottom of my laptop case!  I didn’t even think to look there until desperation took over.

So, here you have it – my confession.  I’m completely, hopelessly disorganized.  I couldn’t find my ass half the time if it wasn’t attached. Is there just something fundamentally wrong with me? Maybe it’s genetic, my Mom and Dad are pretty disorganized, too.  That’s a good excuse but it doesn’t fix the problem.

To make the problem even worse, my husband and children are also disorganized. It’s chaos in my house.  Trying to get four kids dressed, fed, and out the door in the mornings would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.  There’s always at least one missing shoe or someone doesn’t have clean socks.  They probably do have clean socks, but they are all in a huge basket of clean clothes that haven’t been folded and no one has time to dig and find the matching set.

I’ve made New Years Resolutions of “get organized” in the past, but I end up still just as disorganized and feel like a failure, too.  But, once again, that’s on my list of resolutions.  I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

I’m not sure how other people do it. I’ve read all the “self-help” books. I’m sure they are still around here somewhere, but have no idea where. I read the “organization” blogs. Those women just piss me off with their crafty, skinny, cutesy little selves.  I don’t have time to sew some cute little caddy to hang over the door and I couldn’t find my sewing machine if I did.  The problem with organization blogs is they are written by people who are organized.

But…maybe, just maybe, if I combine the two resolutions into one and write about my attempt this year to “get organized”, maybe things will be different.

I really haven’t thought this out very well and haven’t had enough coffee this morning to make important decisions. But, if nothing else, I guess you guys can get a good laugh this year at my attempts to get organized.  So, here we go with Brook’s 2012 attempt to “get organized” and “start writing”….

P.S.  Give me some grace, I’m new at this!


  1. I know how you feel! Your resolutions sound like mine. I have that big basket full of socks too. Actually I think there are two of them. Good luck with you resolutions.

  2. jessica bond

    Can’t wait to read more!!…its my life hahaha fantastic

  3. Hang in there, keep writing, and have fun.

  4. Doris Kennon

    Brooke you are so inspiring,keep up the Grrreat work.I have always wanted to do that but all my thoughts, memories and feelings can never get put on that dang paper as i would like it to be. Who knows i may get brave? Nope never mind.

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