The Emperor’s New Clothes

Have I mentioned that my husband is even more disorganized than me?  How is that even possible?

Tony and his overalls!

My family is pretty casual as far as our clothes go.  We don’t go to a lot of “dress-up” places or events.  We attend a church in a small rural town outside of San Angelo where jeans and a nice shirt are fine.  In fact, if you were to just show up at our house (please don’t!), chances are you would find my husband wearing a T-shirt and a pair of Dickie’s overalls.  Frankly, I think he looks pretty hot in his overalls.

But, there are those occasional unavoidable events where we need to dress up.  When those occasions come around I, inevitably, end up mad at my husband over clothes.  You see, he hates dressing up and, the instant we are back home from a dress-up event, he changes back into his T-shirt and Dickie’s.  This wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t throw the nice clothes on the bedroom floor.

And there they sit.  And sit.  And sit.

And I’m NOT picking them up.

He knows he should hang them up.  Or, if he got sweaty or got something on them, he should take them to the dry cleaners.  But, he doesn’t.  And I’m NOT going to do it.  So, there they sit.  Until, finally, I go ballistic one day and he picks up all the crap he leaves on the bedroom floor, nice clothes included.

Then his, nice, dry-clean only clothes end up in a laundry basket.  I can’t wash them and I’m NOT taking them to the dry cleaners, so they end up staying at the bottom of the basket until the next dress-up event comes along.

Then, starting a couple of weeks before the event, I start nagging him about his clothes.  “Take your clothes to the dry cleaners, Tony,” I say nicely (for the first few times, anyway).

He doesn’t.  He probably means to, but he doesn’t.  At least, I hope he means to.  And, I’m still NOT going to do it.

So, the day of the event comes and, of course, his nice clothes are still at the bottom of a laundry basket.  So, he does, what to him seems, the logical thing. He goes and buys all NEW nice clothes!

He does this every single time!  I’m not even exaggerating.  Every time.

Now, here is where the bigger issue comes in.  He is currently going to school to be…..wait for this…. a preacher!  Now preachers, no matter how casual their own church is, have to dress up frequently.  There are conferences and conventions and marriages and funerals and baptisms and any number of dress-uppy things for preachers to go to.

So, all the nice new clothes that he has collected through the years are, at some point, are actually going to have to go to the dry cleaners.  And he’s going to have to get over his mental block, bad memory, or tightwaddedness (is that a word?), or whatever it is that keeps him from taking care of his nice clothes. and start actually taking his clothes to the dry cleaners.

Because, I’m NOT doing it.  But I will buy him a “take to the dry-cleaners” basket just for his nice clothes.

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