Pinterest Addiction Step One, Admit You Have a Problem


Pinterest is the biggest time waster ever.  It’s even worse than facebook.  Whoever thought of this should be strung up by their toes.

I can’t get off of it.  What is it about this website that gets me, and so many other women in America, stuck in front of their computers for hours on end?

It’s like all the best magazines out there rolled up into one place.  And, even better, you don’t even have to read about the reality of doing, making, or achieving something on there.  It only shows the picture of the end result and not the hard work and tears to get there.

It’s awesome and it makes us all feel like we COULD.  We could have these beautiful houses and these perfect, beautiful children, and these great and stylish clothes.  I could make that adorable cake.  We could have that perfect ass and that perfectly organized pantry.

If only we could get our imperfect asses off the couch and shut the damn computer, we could.

But, we don’t.  We sit there and fantasize about how we’re going to take that adorable picture of our next baby or how we could make those cute cupcakes for our daughter’s next birthday and how happy that would make her.

In reality, we don’t even want another baby and we will end up picking up a cake at the local grocery or bakery on the way to our daughter’s birthday party that we are already running late for.  And, we’ll even forget to bring candles or a lighter to light them or a knife to cut the cake.

Because real life doesn’t look like the pictures on Pinterest.  But, oh how we wish it did.

I swear, it’s like Mom porn.  Just like nasty men who sit in front of their computers at 2:00 am fantasizing that those beautiful women are their women, we sit there (also sometimes at 2:00 am) fantasizing that THAT house is our house.  And, just like those men whose fat wives are asleep in the next room, our dishes are piled up in the kitchen sink and the laundry is still in the dryer getting wrinkled.

We all wish we had the time and the energy and the patience to accomplish the things we see on Pinterest.

Problem is, even with all the time in the world, we would probably still be sitting in front of our laptops staring at Pinterest and daydreaming and not really doing any of it!  I know I would, because daydreaming about doing these things is a lot more fun than the reality of doing them.

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  1. miq

    Oh my. I can so absolutely relate!

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