A Battle Report from the Front Lines

Greek Hoplites

Greek Hoplites (Photo credit: Dunechaser)

Our front lines have fallen.  Streptococcus is a formidable enemy, indeed, and we have seriously underestimated its strength.

It managed to enter the home through our weakest point, the baby.  The enemy crawled into his nose at daycare and sneaked into our house like the Greeks entering Troy.  What started as a seemingly innocuous runny nose spread the enemy throughout our home before we ever knew it was there.  Then it struck with unimaginable force.  Sore throats, fever, chills ensued.

Attempts at quarantining the early casualties with chicken soup, crayons, and Netflix have failed.  Our weapons of Germ-X and Lysol have been of no use against its advance. One by one, we have fallen.

Even the heavy artillery of penicillin, amoxicillin, and cefalexin have failed to stop the enemy’s advance.

In our weakened state, I’m not sure we will make it through the winter.  We will need to be resupplied with more chicken soup and stronger antibiotics to have any hope of pushing back the enemy.  Any resupply attempts will need to be heavily fortified.  HazMat protocol strongly recommended.

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