Conversations with a One Year Old

Having a conversation with a one year old is kind of like looking at a Salvador Dali painting. They don’t quite make sense, but they’re a lot of fun!

Daniel MUST have ice in his sippy cup.  He will not drink from it after the ice has melted.  So, the conversation goes like this:

“Ice, Mommy, Ice!”

I go fill his cup with ice and fresh water and hand it back to him.

“Oh, it’s cold, Mommy!”

“It’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold,” he continues as he holds the cup against his forehead.

A few seconds pass.

“It’s hot,” he says.

“No,” I remind him “It’s cold.”

“It’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold,” he replies.

A few more seconds pass.

“It’s hot.”

This conversation takes place several times a day in various forms.

We go out to get in the car.

“It’s hot outside,” he says.

“It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot,” he repeats incessantly the entire way to the car.

Then, when I’m buckling him in to an even hotter car, he comes back with, you guessed it,

“It’s cold!”

I do think he knows the difference between hot and cold.  But, I guess as long as he’s talking about one, he might as well practice the other.

I absolutely love watching my kids learn to talk.  The funny ways they say things when they are learning cracks me up.

For some unknown reason, Ebony used to call milk “gook” when she was a toddler.  It was cute for a while, but after many weeks of making sure everyone said “milk” right around her and she still persisted in calling it “gook”, I even took her to get her hearing checked.  Of course, she was fine and eventually she said it right.

Daniel, for a while, had a very interesting word for “fork” that can’t be repeated here!  My teenagers thought it was hilarious.  I did not.  I had to threaten them within an inch of their lives if they laughed and encouraged him to keep saying it that way.  Fortunately, he’s at least putting the “r” in it now and I’m no longer terrified to take him to a restaurant.

Madison was the precocious one.  I swear, she came out of the womb a grown up.  At two years old, she told her pre-school teacher that a boy had climbed up on top of a playhouse on the playground and the teacher needed to get him down because he looked very “precarious” up there.  The teachers were still laughing about it when I got there to pick her up that afternoon.

I know I have to treasure each moment of Daniel’s toddler years.  That time is so sweet.  In what will seem like no time at all, I’ll be looking up to hold a conversation with him instead of down.

But every age brings it’s own rewards and challenges.  Dusty is 18 and graduating this year and, even though I’m looking forward to finding out what the future holds for him, I’m nervous about letting go and letting him be his own man.  I know he will be fine, but…well, I’m his Mom and it’s my job to worry.

Madison, at 13, has just hit the teen years and it shows.  I get plenty of rolling eyes and “but, Mom!”  But, she’s also growing into quite a young lady and it’s so rewarding to see the person she has become.

Ebony, at 6, is hilarious.  Her imagination and creativity is in overdrive.  She wears me out, but brightens my day, too.  I can’t wait to see what she eventually does with all that energy and creativity.

On the other hand, yes I can…I can wait.  I want to be there for every day of it.


  1. My little guy has decided to be safe and just go with everything being “warm”!

  2. Mine says, “It’s HOT HOT in here”

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