Big Brother Bloomberg Can Kiss My Fat Ass

I really do try to leave politics out of my “Mom” blog, but this one has me going crazy and I can’t help it.

Big Gulp

It’s MY body and the government has no business telling me what to do with it!  How many times have we heard this when the subject of abortion comes up?

What business does the government have telling people who they can marry?  I hear this one a lot, too.

Honestly, even though I tend to lean conservative, I agree with both statements.  In fact, I lean so conservative that I’m over in the range of libertarian.  I don’t think the government should be able to tell us either one, or a lot of other things they are trying to tell us lately.

Now both of those statements tend to come from the mouths of liberals.  But, lately, these same people have taken to talking out of both sides of their mouths.

For anyone that lives under a rock and hasn’t heard, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on any sugary drink over 16 ounces being sold inside the city.

I know I live in Texas and it doesn’t affect me, but it’s bound to spread just like the non-smoking bans.

So, it’s my body as long as I’m not putting a 64 ounce soda in it?

It’s my child as long as I’m sending an “approved” lunch to school with them?

It’s my car as long as it’s a Prius or a Leaf, but not an Excursion?

Do you know that they are even discussing a ban on large movie popcorn?

I have a big family and we don’t fit in a Prius or a Leaf.  Do you want me strapping the two car seats to the roof?  Oh yeah, they have a problem with big families, too.

If you want to go to Cheesecake Factory and order the Mushroom Lettuce Wraps and a side of Edamame, you go right ahead.  But, I’m ordering the cheesecake and you can just shut your mouth about it.  I may even eat it for my dinner.

If you want to go to McDonalds for breakfast and order the Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal, you go right ahead.  It looks pretty good.  But if I’m hungry, I’m ordering the Big Breakfast with Hotcakes.  In fact, is that a bit of envy I see in your eye as I pour a gallon of syrup on my pancakes?

Look, people, it’s my fat ass and I’ll feed it if I want to.  If you don’t want me telling you what to do with your body, then you better step the $%#@ back from my extra-large Coke and tub of popcorn at the movies!

I pay for my own health insurance.  And, guess what?  I pay $20 more out of each and every paycheck because I’m fat.  That’s right.  My employer does a health assessment once a year and they calculate some number based on your results.  I’m always one dang point over the cut-off for the cheaper insurance.  Do I think this is wrong?  No, I don’t.  This is a fully justifiable way of handling the problem of unhealthy people.

You may think I shouldn’t be eating what I eat.  And, you’re right, I probably shouldn’t.  But, it’s my choice and I will have to live with the consequences.  What about when they go after something you like?

When the New Yorkers came for the sodas,
I remained silent;
I don’t live in New York.

When they shut down the donut shops,
I remained silent;
They give me heartburn.

When they came for the movie popcorn,
I did not speak out;
It costs too much money anyhow.

When they came for the Ho-Ho’s,
I remained silent;
I like the Zingers, anyway.

When they came for my beloved chocolate cake,
It was too late;
The precedent had been set.

Freedom is a precious thing and it’s very easy to lose.  What is more basic than choosing what we eat?  It’s easy to justify it by saying well, it’s good for you anyway.  But, where does it stop?  It’s a slippery slope we are on and we better get off it before it’s too late.  Maybe we all need to go back and read 1984 one more time.  Or Fahrenheit 451.  How far are we from eating Soylent Green just because we’re told that is what is good for us?


  1. There are deeper ramifications to this. The health dept obviously has too much time on its hands and needs to justify its existence. Start a controversy in the name of public safety and generate publicity. Gee Mayor Bumbling Bloomy, we are not just collecting a paycheck. We want to make a difference.

  2. My view on this ban is to make more money in the long run, people who want a bigger drink will end up buying multiple small drinks.

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